Saturday, June 22, 2013

33 Days To Go

Hard to believe how quickly July has crept up on me. I thought that it would drag by since I had to change my surgery date, but the time is almost here! I wanted to post a quick picture and update since I have been in braces for six months. It's getting harder and harder to post because I have pretty much been in a holding pattern and just waiting for surgery. I told myself I would at least make a post once a month even if I didn't have much to say. It will be a lot easier to post and more interesting when I have LOTS to talk about during my recovery =).

I don't go back to the orthodontist till July 8th to have my surgical hooks put on that will help keep my mouth wired shut so that my jaw isn't able to move while the bones and titanium implants are healing. Since my last post my teeth have completely shifted since he separated my top wire into three pieces. My front 4 teeth that are sharing the same wire have lifted up and forward making my teeth out of line with the others. I know that it's not permanent and has to be done to make room for the surgeon to make his cuts in-between my top teeth but I am not liking it at all. My over/open bite was looking a little better in the front but now that he has been prepping my teeth for the surgery it is worse than it has ever been.  I will just have to wait patiently for the final result, that makes this all worth it!

6 months in braces
my open/over bite from a different view. This is with my teeth touching as much as they can