Wednesday, August 28, 2013

4 Weeks Into My Recovery

It's hard to believe that it has already been over a month since I had surgery! Every week has been better than the week before and I can honestly say that I am feeling great. The pain that I had been having in the early hours of the morning has subsided and I have been sleeping really well for the first time in so many years! I am also able to breathe through my nose now. I can't even remember the last time that I was able to do that. It's just the little things in life that we take for granted till we aren't able to do them anymore.

I can't remember if I mentioned that I'm not able to move my eyebrows at all or not in the last couple of posts,but they still don't move at all. That sensation will come back eventually so I'm not concerned about it at all. The numbness is slowly going away in certain portions of my face which is nice, but swelling and the numbness is still very prominent around where my new jaw joints are on each side. I cant even feel the sensation of my fingers touching my face around those areas. My lips still don't touch together and that is a little frustrating for me and I worry that they won't ever touch together again without me forcing them too, but they are getting closer so I just need to be patient. I am still struggling to talk but I have gotten really good at talking without my lips moving at all and speak a lot clearer except for when it comes to trying to say my name that starts with an "M" and it comes out sounding like "Alyssa" instead of Melissa. If that is my biggest complaint then I'm kicking this recoveries butt. I am still on a no chew diet and have been eating fairly good. I have gotten used to just swallowing the tiny pieces of food without chewing, but I am still losing weight and am down 22 lbs since I had surgery. I guess I will just keep losing till I am allowed to start chewing again. In case you were wondering I should be able to start chewing again after I see the surgeon in 19 days. I'm totally counting down, haha!

Overall, I am beyond happy with how my recovery is going and am so so so thankful for no complications and to be feeling like myself again. I hope to be back in my normal routine shortly!

Here's a few pictures taken around 4 weeks post op. I am still shocked at the difference in my face since surgery and how much it changes as the swelling goes down.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy To be Among The Living Again

Can I just say how glad I am that I made it past the first two weeks post-op! There were just some days that I didn't know how I could possibly make it to the next. I felt almost as if I was living hour to hour. My first week was made more difficult by a stiff neck that I couldn't move at all and was stuck crooked. I had to go to physical therapy several times to work it out. He was so helpful and my neck is almost 100% now. I have to move it slowly but I can move it.

18 days post op! Love my new profile

I'm almost three weeks out now and I am feeling pretty good. I literally have no pain throughout the day and am not taking any medicine, but between the hours of 3-6am I wake up with my entire head pulsating. It's such a deep pain I can feel it behind my eyes and inside my ears and I have to take a pain pill even though I don't want too it's the only thing that makes the pain go away. I am hoping that it goes away soon because I've gotten to a point that I dread going to sleep knowing that I am going to wake up in such bad pain  It's gotta get better before I go back to work because I don't know how I could get up and ready in that kind of pain.

Before and After 18 days post-op

My face is still completely numb from right above my eyebrows to below my chin and it still feels like something is sitting on my face. It's just a very heavy feeling. I am working on moving my lips and smiling again even though the top one feels so numb and dead I have been able to smile just a little bit. it looks a little funny but, hey it's progress. My swelling and bruising is so much better. I am ready to see my new face!

The biggest smile yet! =)

I saw the surgeon this week and he was very happy with my progress. I am on a normal diet but no chewing at all still. I have gotten really good at just swallowing my food down without chewing. My sweet husband puts chicken/pork/beef in a food processor and chops it up really small so it's really easy just to swallow. I can not tell you how ready I am to take a big bite of a hamburger or a piece of pizza. I just want the satisfaction of being able to chew. I got a really big hug from him and he said that he would see me again in 4 weeks and I should get to start chewing again after my appointment! I'm so excited!!!

without my bands on I can open my mouth this far! Not too bad

I also had to have my first orthodontist appointment since surgery. I am suppose to see him every week but the surgeon allowed me to skip last week because I was in so much pain. I was just a little nervous of seeing the orthodontist because my mouth doesn't open very much and I didn't know how he would be able to change my wires. It turned out to be an easy appointment. my top wire is still segregated into three pieces and he said if we went straight back into one straight top wire it could pop all the screws and plates above my upper lip because of all the pressure. so we are taking baby steps to get back into one straight wire. come to find out my gums are numb and even my teeth don't have fully sensitivity. I couldn't even feel them working in my mouth. He did say that he will see me every week "for a long time" but I could possibly be brace free in 6-9 months! I can't wait to see my new smile.

First Orthodontist appointment since surgery! I was a little tense

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Surgery Post Op and Photos

Well Friends I know that I said I would update right after surgery but I had such a tough recovery the first week that I wasn't able to focus on my blog and I apologize for that. I am 11 days post op now and am feeling as good as I can. Surgery went very well and lasted about 5 hours. My entire face has been numb ever since I went to recovery and will be numb for several months. I was pretty freaked about having to throw up after surgery but I was swallowing so much blood that all I did was throw up the first night, It was terrible........ I had to stay in the hospital for 4 days before I was ready to go home which was much longer than I wanted to have to stay. Since Ive been home I had been on a syringe liquid diet only and it was so hard to do and I ended up losing 16 lbs since surgery day.
I went to the surgeon today and since I had lost so much weight he decided that it was best to unband my teeth and just keep rubber bands on each side of my mouth that I am able to take out when I eat and have to put right back in. I am not allowed to chew any of the food and I have to just swallow it which has proven very difficult to do but I am trying my hardest.
The sweling and bruising is still pretty significant and my face feels like I have a really bad sinus infection with all the pressure that I have in my head but besides the pain from the pressure I'm not having any pain at all. The fact that my entire face is numb probably helps with that too though.

OK picture time.......
signing my surgical consents

ready to go

they had to wrap my hair up to keep it out of the sterile field during surgery

I was looking pretty funny

nurse finishing up wrapping up my head talking to anesthesia

yes I looked ridiculous

right after surgery feeling pretty bad

brusing and swelling day 1 post op

my sweet husband helping me drink

my new profile day 10 post op

my xray with my new titanium face