Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Surgery Post Op and Photos

Well Friends I know that I said I would update right after surgery but I had such a tough recovery the first week that I wasn't able to focus on my blog and I apologize for that. I am 11 days post op now and am feeling as good as I can. Surgery went very well and lasted about 5 hours. My entire face has been numb ever since I went to recovery and will be numb for several months. I was pretty freaked about having to throw up after surgery but I was swallowing so much blood that all I did was throw up the first night, It was terrible........ I had to stay in the hospital for 4 days before I was ready to go home which was much longer than I wanted to have to stay. Since Ive been home I had been on a syringe liquid diet only and it was so hard to do and I ended up losing 16 lbs since surgery day.
I went to the surgeon today and since I had lost so much weight he decided that it was best to unband my teeth and just keep rubber bands on each side of my mouth that I am able to take out when I eat and have to put right back in. I am not allowed to chew any of the food and I have to just swallow it which has proven very difficult to do but I am trying my hardest.
The sweling and bruising is still pretty significant and my face feels like I have a really bad sinus infection with all the pressure that I have in my head but besides the pain from the pressure I'm not having any pain at all. The fact that my entire face is numb probably helps with that too though.

OK picture time.......
signing my surgical consents

ready to go

they had to wrap my hair up to keep it out of the sterile field during surgery

I was looking pretty funny

nurse finishing up wrapping up my head talking to anesthesia

yes I looked ridiculous

right after surgery feeling pretty bad

brusing and swelling day 1 post op

my sweet husband helping me drink

my new profile day 10 post op

my xray with my new titanium face