Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This and That

Since my last blog post I have been back to the orthodontist several times for broken brackets and I'm sure they are sick of seeing me.  I got the "power chain" off  that was pulling my teeth close together after he slenderized them. This time though he separated my top wire into three pieces to make a gap on each side of my mouth that will allow the surgeon to cut up and between my teeth, because my upper jaw will be in three pieces so they can put it into correct position to fix my bite and help my breathing. I really haven't had much pain with the new wire change so I hope that it is making enough space. I also thought I would post pictures of what it looks like on each side. It isn't noticeable unless you look really close. I can't wait for my teeth to be able to actually fit together. You are able to to see that my teeth don't touch at all when I bite down.

right side
left side

On a bad note, I got a call from the surgeon's office that the company making my joint replacements(TMJ Concepts) had contacted them and said that there is no possible way that my replacements would be done by my surgery date on June 24th. It is frustrating that the CT scan was sent off about 10 weeks before the scheduled day thinking that would be plenty of time. They said mid July would be the soonest that they will be done. I'm really frustrated that we have scheduled our entire summer around this surgery date and now we are getting pushed back another month. There is nothing that I can do about it though so I'm trying not to get down about it. I'd rather the joint replacements be done perfectly than to have them rushing to get them done in time.

My new surgery date is July 26th and is still at Northwest Medical Center in Springdale. On the bright side, I will get to have my cake and eat it too on my 30th birthday. I would have been wired shut if surgery was still happening in June.I'm trying to stay positive about everything and enjoy being able to eat real food a little longer.