Saturday, April 27, 2013

57 Days To Go

Only 57 days left till I have surgery!!!!!! I am so anxious for June 24th to be here that the days are just dragging by now. June will be here before I know it and hope I am prepared as I feel like I am at this moment. I literally feel like I am more and more prepared every day.

I don't have any new news, but wanted to post an up close picture of my teeth. The orthodontist slenderized my upper and lower teeth a couple of weeks ago and put a "power chain" on to fill in the gaps. My teeth have been very sore ever since. No pain, no gain I suppose! It really is amazing to see such a significant change in the alignment of my teeth and bite in a short time. It makes it all worth it. I could not be anymore happy than I am right now with the group of Dr.'s that I have and that will be caring for me during and after surgery.

December 2012                             April 2013